Wayanadan Honey Shoppy Thulasi Poonthean (Thulasi Honey) -1 KG




Pure Natural Organic Thulasi Honey. Consume Thulasi Honey in Luke warm water (with a half a piece of lemon) in empty stomach every morning to notice the amazing difference it will bring to your body. The following are the major health benefits (by daily consuming Thulasi Honey)- Strengthens the immune system (This natural health honey comes packed with various nutrients and vitamins that can nourish your body and keep your immune system working healthy) Treats common cold, treats cough and other respiratory disorders as it is a natural decongestant Reduces allergies as this honey comes with antiseptic properties that can soothe your skin and reduce allergies Best to cure breathing difficulties, Cholesterol, B.P and obesity treatment. Best for students to escape from laziness and to be very active in their study

Important Notes:-

  1. Never keep natural honey inside refrigerator. Keep always in room temperature and the container cap closed air tightly after each usage. Pure natural raw honey tends to crystallize during cold surroundings.
  2. Never add pure natural raw honey directly in to very hot water or to any other hot food items, add while during cold or Luke warm condition


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