Wayanadan Honey Shoppy Pure Natural Litchi Poonthean (Litchi Honey) -1 KG




Pure Natural Organic Litchi Honey. Litchi Honey is a very tasty honey made by Bees from Litchi Tree flowers. This pure natural organic honey is naturally antibacterial which is great for acne treatment and prevention. Regular use of this honey prevents signs of aging, help remove blemishes and reduce sun burns. It helps to maintain very healthy beautiful skin. This honey good for maintaining body temperature levels. Regular use of this honey ensures good health of lever

Important Notes:-

  1. Never keep raw honey inside refrigerator. Keep always in room temperature and the container cap closed air tightly after each usage. Pure natural raw honey tends to crystallize during cold surroundings.
  2. Never add pure natural raw honey directly in to very hot water or to any other hot food items, add while during cold or Luke warm condition


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