Wayanadan Honey Shoppy Natural Kaduku poonthean ( Mustard Honey) -1 KG




Mustard honey is excellent to get relief from Arthritis (arthritis is an inflammatory chronic disorder which affects your joints and other body parts – there are various types of arthritis like vata rakta (gout), juvenile arthritis, sandhi gata vata (osteoarthritis), ama vata (rheumatoid arthritis), joint pains and to cure many health difficulties related to nerves system. It is mostly used in HONEY APITHERAPY – for full body massaging to cure joint pains, muscle pains, cramp, numbness, paralysis, spasm, tingle, swelling etc with best proven results

Important Notes:-

  1. Never keep raw honey inside refrigerator. Keep always in room temperature and the container cap closed air tightly after each usage. Pure natural raw honey tends to crystallize during cold surroundings.
  2. Never add pure natural raw honey directly in to very hot water or to any other hot food items, add while during cold or Luke warm condition


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