Pure Natural Wayanadan Local box Honey Multi Flora Honey -1 KG




This very special natural raw honey, collected by the Apis cerana indica bees (Indian honey bee),is one of the best quality and high nutritious honey available in India. This special quality honey extracted from bee boxes placed at various places in the Kerala State

This seasons’ honey was sporadic, and multi flora honey, it will be infused with honey collected from the blooming flowers of Indian rosewood (etty), Irul, Jackfruit, Iron wood, Mayil elu, rubber tree and many other wild flora.

This honey is rich in variety of sources and possesses a complex set of flavors infused by the climate, it’s topography, the season and it’s derived vegetation. Most of the honey available in the market these days is collected by breeds of honey bees that require mono-culture vegetation to thrive and is therefore flat in flavor.

100% raw, pure, coarsely filtered, unpasteurized, unheated honey.

Contains naturally occurring pollen, enzymes, antioxidants, natural probiotics and naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide

  • Taste the lip-smacking sweet nectar extracted from Multi-Flora via the conventional ‘drop by drop’ process without losing its authenticity, luscious taste and rich medicinal values
  • Highly acclaimed Wayanadan honey, Just as nature intended, honey is naturally rich in pollen composition, acting as a source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and natural minerals
  • Pure Bee Honey, with a natural source of energy & strengthens immunity, effective in weight loss, digestion , Honey obtained from honey bees, which is highly nutritious and laden with numerous medicinal properties increase the immune system .
  • Honey is a natural and ideal sweetener for beverages like cup of green tea, smoothies and baked goods and also delicious drizzled on salads,
  • Comes in 1 kg bottle best before 18 months from Packing .
  • Important Notes:-
    1. Never keep raw honey inside refrigerator. Keep always in room temperature and the container cap closed air tightly after each usage. Pure natural raw honey tends to crystallize during cold surroundings.
    2. Never add pure natural raw honey directly in to very hot water or to any other hot food items, add while during cold or Luke warm condition


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