“My name is Vinod Varanasi, and I’m basically a Mechanical Engineer, was working last 28 years abroad as Project Manager and now as a part of settling at native (after prolonged employment at Gulf states) presently concentrated in extensive Beekeeping & Honey Production (located in Kerala State) – with an estimated seasonal honey production of over 20 Tons

We (Wayanadan Honey Shoppy) are doing a decent business with no compromise to quality – so we producing, processing, packing and distributing world’s number one quality Honey with lots of Ayurvedic contents which can easily cure many modern life style change disease. Also we are the distributors for food supplements “Success Plus” & “Aswagandha” with amazing health benefits/immunity boosting. Both these food supplements now available through our web sites products page and since very long time selling through amazon.in page. Very high rate of sales of these products with 100% customer positive reviews (see our amazon.in page – https://www.amazon.in/Wayanadan-Honey-Shoppy-Success-Supplement/dp/B071H9RBD8) shows the amazing health benefits results from these products

We are now allocating Franchisees all over India. It will be very beneficial for you to run our Franchisee in your city along with your existing business without any further load on your ongoing activities – also to earn a very decent monthly income

Franchisee Allocation Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Ground floor with more than 400 Sq feet space, with good attraction towards customers
  2. First purchase of Rs 4 Lakhs Honey products, Rs 1 Lakhs Wayanadan Spices
  3. We will bring all those items to your site loaded in our truck without any additional charge (for first trip only)
  4. We will provide 30% margin (average) for Selected Honey products, 40% margin for Wayanadan Spices.
  5. We will freely provide enough training to your sales staff at site
  6. We will allocate only one Franchisee in 12 KM area (to avoid competition between our Franchisees) 

For more details please contact our sales teams mobile number +91 7561 88 11 22 or send email to <[email protected]>

For more information, product details, our terms and conditions, photos and videos about our facilities and activities, please visit and like our face book page “Wayanadan HONEY Shoppy” & our YouTube, Instagram pages (links given on our home page of web site) http://m.facebook.com/HoneyShoppy

Vinod Varanasi
Vinod Varanasi

Managing Director, Wayanadan Honey Shoppy

Purchase our Products also through Amazon.in page through below provided link
Purchase our Products also through Amazon.in page through below provided link

(All our Products available on “Products” section of this web and available all over India without shipping cost – limited period offer only)